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Just what tactical flashlight

Tactical flashlight, often known as tactical light, simply is the tactical task with all the flashlight.Tactical flashlight with ordinary flashlight no essential difference between on the principle and structure, though the tactical flashlight to adapt in numerous harsh environment underneath the conditions of use requirement, therefore its performance, such as low and high temperature performance, sealing performance, corrosion performance, durable performance, power of illumination and color temperature is much greater than ordinary flashlight.

Tactical flashlight usersTactical flashlight is mainly composed of military and police officers, its role includes:Against: due to tactical flashlight illumination and color temperature is very high, to illuminate the eyes possess a strong visual effects, fight after dark will direct light each other's eyes, for convenient not recognize our exact locationSearch: tactical flashlight color climate is extremely high, our prime recognition rate of illumination, search effect is great.Invasion home: when police personnel shock chamber, can easily still illuminate or even a bright light, to manipulate the opposite partySOS: visibility distance in excess of 2000 m, plus red filter more than 4000 mClose exposure: the scene to view the data, maps, can use flashlight LED source of light.

Also, questioned intercepting tactical flashlight irradiation can also be used for distance, vehicle and used with a pistol.

Characteristics of tactical flashlightIs generally regular tactical flashlight lamps are two means of applications on the same time, both filling xenon and iodine, production is very excellent, lamp life can guarantee in 5 ~ 30 hours or switch thousands of times, however the lamp life discreteness is extremely big, this value is about values, in practical usage is difficult to say which specific bulb life longer. Pick the tactical flashlight bulb, generally demand a torch brightness over 60 lumens, lamp power more than six w. Tactical flashlight inside the flare should be more structured class round, must be very even, cannot have liver spots and window, floodlight throughout the center spot and wish to have a relatively smooth transition zone between, gradually slow up the brightness, and the center focus cone shaped, must have certain divergence Angle, generally at about 15 , is different based on the tactical flashlight USES different. The reflective bowl is frequently used in the tactical flashlight designer wrinkled surface reflective bowl, reflective surface like orange peel, to guarantee the flare with these characteristics.As well as the reflective bowl, and flashlight using total reflection lens or another type of lens, but for now, wrinkled skin reflective lens to get the effect of the bowl is not easy, so rarely used from the tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlight condenser device will also should be heat resistant performance, because whether it's high brightness of the lighting bulb, high power LED or HID lamp, have great calorific value, also has high heat resistance and lamp holder glass. Tactical flashlight power consumption is large, so the requirement of it is higher, large electric Bonzi is usually in certain large LED Flashlight sized nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Small tactical flashlight with high voltage, small, monomer, lots of lithium battery and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable, rechargeable lithium metal, lithium ion, lithium metal because anode prone to dendritic crystal to Pierce the diaphragm, causing a surge due to internal short circuit, so eliminated slowly, now the most popular is lithium ion battery.

Of many tactical flashlight includes a large portion of the tube is one inch (25.4 mm) in diameter, this can be most optical sights of the fixture to gm. Basic tactical flashlight switch is a part of the conclusion cap for the tactical requirement is essential and possesses the part of long bright and shiny, easy one-handed switch.The tail cap switch form is varied, probably the most common will be the button tail switch, press button, loosen it, when the end cap tightened the long light, this switch is probably the easiest, but long bright function need hands operation.

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